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Young woman near clothing rack holding long terracotta dress.

Graduate in Style: 4 Fashion Trends to Flaunt at Your Berkeley Graduation


It’s graduation season at Identity Logan Park! And while you’re probably already looking forward to an epic graduation party or your post-grad vacationing, there are still a couple of details about your big day that you should iron out – like, what you’re going to wear. We’ve put together some up-and-coming fashion trends that you can use as you plan your college graduation outfit, so that, no matter what, your Berkeley graduation is as stylish as you are.

Need Some Storage?

If you’re looking for a new bag to hold that hefty diploma you’re about to receive, slouchy handbags are all the rage right now. Not only do they make great accessories, but they’re actually useful, too! They’re soft, comfortable, and are showing up in fashion brands all over the place. 

Throw In Some Stripes

Spring means bright colors and bold patterns – stripes included. Vogue editors are in love with this spring-time fashion staple, and the beachy vibes it gives off will be perfect at your Berkeley graduation.

Toss on a Hat

Okay, so you’ll be wearing that bulky, boxy, graduation cap of honor during your graduation ceremony. But for the after party, consider donning a standard baseball cap for an on-trend look. Baseball caps are back in, especially with a logo and in a color that matches the rest of your outfit.

Go Bold With Color

You know all those neon colors you wore back in elementary school? Well, that’s the peak of fashion right now! Lime green, hot pink, and butter yellow are all over the runway, which is great news for you. Adding these colors to your graduation wardrobe is a sure way to celebrate in style.

Whatever you decide to wear at graduation, Identity Logan Park is sure you’ll make your mark. Make sure to check out our blog for more student life news and tips.


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